photo by John Leach

getting personal

β€œArt is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.” -Oscar Wilde

I am a radically sex-positive queer woman encouraging people to explore their sexuality, sensuality, and gender identity through public performance.

Burlesque and performance art can be very sexy and silly but serious at the same time. The body is inherently political, especially in a world where narrow and arbitrary standards of beauty are enforced. There are those who want to police who should be seen and not seen, and what should be seen and not seen.

I hope to see our audiences appreciate diverse performers, especially those in marginalized communities. I aim to be involved in shows that uphold my values.

Community is important to me. Engaging with audience and fellow performers is what has kept me on the stage for almost 40 years. A good performer should be a good audience member, so I attend the shows of others as much as I can.

In the end, I hope to make people smile and inspire them to celebrate their own bodies.